R&D Initiatives

Solve the problems no one else wants to

R&D Initiatives

Opes has cultivated a diverse team with experience in Defence, Government, and Industry sectors in order to develop solutions that meet the needs and requirements of Australian businesses.

Our services are graded against the highest Australian standards, and so are our people. Our solutions are comprised of local partners, serviced by local technicians and governed by local leaders.

Continual Review and Enhancement

Constant Evolution

Managed Desktop Environment

Our Redback Secure’s managed solutions are built above and beyond Australian Government Cyber Security standards, and managed end to end by our team to deliver seamless operating environments for our clients

Cyber Terrain Assessment

Cutting edge auditing, remediation and ongoing monitoring wrapped up into a simple delivery approach.

Penetration Testing

Rest easy in the knowledge that your information is secure with our trusted Australian security cleared cyber security trained staff. Continuing research and development conducted by our pentesting teams puts OPES at the forefront of finding and fixing cyber vulnerabilities.