Our Story

About Us


Innovative Cyber Solutions

Opes is a privately owned and operated cyber security consultancy. Specialising in the provision of innovative and class leading cyber security capabilities along with research and development to the Australian market, our heritage is proudly steeped in military service. Veteran owned, operated and fiercely passionate about the development and delivery of Australian based security solutions. 


Focusing on the enhancement of extensively vetted, security cleared, highly skilled Cyber Security individuals,  Opes Cyber works to implement innovative and sovereign solutions to complex problems within the Australian National Intelligence Community. This is achieved in part, through access and targeted recruitment of extremely talented personnel from Military, Public Service and Private Industry backgrounds.

Our Values

Collaborate before compete 

We value collaboration over competition to provide better outcomes to our customers.

Putting people and culture first

Our people are the heart and soul of everything that we do.

Solve the problems no one else wants to

Encompassing the concept of the path less trodden we strive to do what can’t be easily done.

No idea is ever a dumb idea

Innovation is a core component of our business, and our company culture.


Our Mission and Vision

  • To enhance and elevate Australia's cyber security capabilities.
  • To become Australia’s leading Cyber company. A company that customers trust and that people want to be a part of.