Opes Academy

industry aligned training

Opes Academy

Opes Academy provides customised training curriculums aligned to industry needs to provide the sought after skills and experience that are in demand.

We have taken our extensive experience within the Cybersecurity and Technology industry to develop training pathways that incorporate technology and product specific certifications, to accelerate entry into the industry. In addition to this, Opes maintains a Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) membership, which enables Opes to sponsor clearances while individuals complete our customised curriculums. Through this practice, Opes is able to support the current demand for highly vetted, security cleared skilled resources. 

Customised Curriculum

Using our extensive experience, we have customised curriculums that we believe meet the current skills gaps within the industry

Cleared Pipelines

Through this model we have been able to build a pipeline of cleared staff with the desired skillsets on the market

Industry Leading

We incorporate industry leading technologies into our pathways, to ensure our staff are always up-to-date with the latest tech

Innovative Solution

A solution to a current problem in the market, where the demand outweighs the available skilled and cleared resources