OSINT Services

Oryx Analytics

Oryx Analytics offers an end-to-end OSINT capability from delivery of intelligence artefacts to training on leading SaaS tools.

Oryx Analytics is our focused end to end Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Capability.

Leveraging an internally designed platform, with security and personal attribution front of mind, Oryx delivers OSINT services such as OSINT-as-a-Service through the delivery of OSINT artefacts, sourcing and provisioning licensing of industry-leading SaaS tooling that is accompanied by cleared human resources for training serial execution. Under the Oryx Analytics banner, Opes has forged exclusive partnerships with select OSINT tools and companies, with the express goal of building and provisioning an OSINT training, tradecraft and delivery hub for use within the APAC region. Our goal is supported by our highly vetted, security cleared and uniquely experienced team.

With in-depth knowledge of the Australian market, specifically within the Defence and National Intelligence Community, along with a technical and tradecraft body of experience that is industry-leading, this capability is truly unique.

Services we offer

Delivery of OSINT Situational awareness

We deliver live reporting on critical events tailored to clients specific needs, to support their missions.

Red Team Services

The ultimate test for an organisations cyber security capabilities. Identify, block and defend stealth attacks by our specialist penetration team. 

Delivery of risk based OSINT reporting

Through the exploitation of publicly available information, we deliver risk reporting into our clients, to assist them in making smarter, low risk business decisions

Acess to a world-wide OSINT network

Through our growing partner network, we provide customers the ability to reach into industry leading tooling and capability, through a single platform

Delivery of formal OSINT tradecraft and training

Through our partner network, Oryx has created an SME team to deliver specified tool training and holistic tradecraft

Why Choose Us?

  • We support the continuity and growth of OSINT capability for the Australian Defence Force and National Intelligence Community
  • We are a trusted partner that facilitates the delivery of OSINT training to the Australian Government and within the APAC region
  • We bring industry leading OSINT capability tailored for the Australian market
  • We assist our partner network with the provision of our highly skilled, and highly cleared SME's